Our Promise: Please Read!

We will NOT

…accuse our critics of attacking us on purpose. Many of them are sincere people who love the Adventist people and simply want to share with us what they feel is the truth. While we may disagree with them, we love them nonetheless, and we know they love us too.

We will NOT...

...when our critics are caught taking things out of context, accuse them of doing this on purpose.

We will NOT

…personally attack our critic’s character. We have no right do this, and doing so won't amount to anything. We wish to simply reason with them and look at both sides of the issue.

We will NOT

…tell our audience that the critic’s said something they have not said. When we quote them, most of the time you will find a link to their web pages where they said what we have quoted. Do keep in mind however, that anyone who owns a website often, and certainly has the right to, change the content of that website.


…pray for our critics. They, like us, need prayer not merely in regards to the topic we cover and our personal beliefs, but also prayer for their families and social lives.


… try our very best to be as objective as possible. We want the information we provide on this website to show our audience both our positions and theirs, along with reasons as to why we feel and believe what we believe.

We WILL...

...defend the faith, no matter what the cause.

At some points, we will make claims such as “this was taken out of context” or “this is not what the quote actually says,” etc. Remember, if we sound harsh at any point, we are simply trying to reason with our critics and show how, despite the many attacks since the Adventist movement began, our Historic beliefs have stood the trial.

Also, sometimes you will find that at some of our links within the "Arguments" sections (very few) will lead to responses or studies at other websites. We've done this temporarily until we compile our own studies on the issue. Some studies might already be ready... it's just a matter of posting it and changing the links.

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