At this website you will find a variety of studies, most of which focus on apologetics. Below we put together a short list with most of our favorite links which will give you a general idea of what you'll find at this site:

-You're Sickness called "Sin"
The first thing we want to share with our audience is the section "Articles, Studies and Research." Within this growing section you will read many Christ-centered studies and sermons focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. Other articles in this section deal with detailed studies about prophecy and scripture.

-Why you should study for yourself

Some sections within this web site deal specifically with some of the most famous online critics and their attacks. We have found a number of misguided information among the writings of our critics, including taking Ellen White out of context, taking the bible out of context, obvious deceptions and plagiarism. We examine certian allegations by critics like Dr. Desmond Ford, Mr. Dirk Anderson and Mr. Jack Gent.

-An Examination of Dr. Robert Morey’s "Fact Sheet on Ellen G. White"

Sometimes we find whole studies by some of our critics, and we decide to give a detailed response to the entire study. This study of Robert Morey's fact sheet is just one of a couple you will find here. Dirk Anderson put a study together where he tries to disprove a prediction Ellen White made about San Francisco. This was easy to disprove. And take a look at another article we found which claims that Adventists are afraid to answer 85 questions about the Sabbath!

-Did Ellen White teach we could eat pork?

We constantly find our critics taking Ellen White completely out of context, like one study we have about Mrs. White and slavery. Other times we find that our critics have not really examined closely the "wording" of Mrs. White's writings. The above of such a case.

-Hebrews 3 and 4: Has today replaced the Seventh day?At times, we tackle our critics most favorite scriptures which they think will prove our doctrines wrong. We examine closely the entire context of such passages, including the greek/hebrew words and other verses related to the same topic. We take on verses like Acts 20:7, Revelation 1:10, and Amos 8, which are some of the many they use against what we believe.

-The case for Sola Scriptura

We have a couple of studies we put together also. We've recently added another study focusing on the beasts of Daniel 2 and 7, and trying to find "Identity Marks" in order to identify who the Antichrist is. This study is part of a three part booklet which is available for "free" through this ministry. Also, take a look at out sermon study called Satan's Biggest Problem. We promise you'll enjoy this one!

-The Investigative Judgment in Matthew

The one doctrine unique to the Seventh Day Adventist church is the one which is most attacked by our critics. Almost every point of the Investigative Judgment doctrine is attacked, including our stance on Ezra 7, the heavenly Sanctuary, even the prophecy of Daniel 8:14 itself! In this section we examine some of the critics strongest arguments against this doctrine in an effort to prove to you that it really is a true biblical. We even took on Dr. Desmond Ford himself, and rebuttaled an article he put together against the Investigative Judgment.

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