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(1) Isn't the Seal of God the Holy Spirit as Ephesians 4:30 says?
(2) Is there really a judgment scene in Daniel 7?

(3) Is Jesus God the Almighty? Can you prove it to me from the NWT?(4) Are the 10 Commandments, as found in the earthly sanctuary, also written down in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary? If so, where's the proof?
(5) Did Noah keep the Sabbath in Genesis 8:10-12?
(6) Can you explain Hebrews 8:13 please?
(7) Is it a sin to amuse yourself in, let's say, the movie theater?(8) Sometimes you say that the Sabbath represents God as creator, then you say it represents him as deliverer. Which is it?
(9) Was Ezekiel 37 a vision that forshadows the end times or did it already happen?
(10) How could God possibly condemn Adam and Eve to death when there was no law pointing out sin?
(11) Isn't your assertion that Eve coveted in the Garden misleading based on Genesis 2:9?
(12) If Isaiah 66:23 is talking about a new earth, how do you explain verse 24?
(13) If the Sabbath always existed, why does Nehemiah 9:14 say the Sabbath was "made known" unto the Israelites?
(14) If a baby dies before it is able to decide to believe in Jesus, through abortion, accident, et cetera, will God save it? Or will God allow it to die for all eternity?
(15) Matthew 28:19 says to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. But why, when we read of occations when the desciples baptised people, did they baptise only in the name of Jesus?


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