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(latest poll ended September 29, 2009)

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Previous Poll (ended September 29, 2009):

Which one of these critics was least honest with their information?

(1) Dirk Anderson - 7 (14%)
(2) Martin - 2 (4%)
(3) Steve - 3 (6%)
(4) Dr. Robert Morey - 0 (0%)
(5) Jack Gent - 1 (1%)
(6) T.D. Jakes - 34 (72%)

COMMENT: Looks like T.D. Jakes made it to the top of the list. Check out our article on T.D. Jakes here.


Previous Poll (ended March 30th, 2009):

What do you think about these critics?

(1) It seems like they dont always share the whole picture

53 votes (41%)

(2) Some of these critics are not totally being honest with their information

34 votes (26%)

(3) I'm disturbed at that fact that they themselves plagiarize others

13 votes (10%)

(4) I still appreciate their hard work

8 votes (6%)

(5) Leave them alone they are doing the work of God!

17 votes (13 %)

(6) Not sure yet

3 votes (2 %)

COMMENT: After reading how our critics intentionally misinform the public about Ellen G. White, about what we teach, and how they plagerize each other, we still got 17 votes telling us that, nevertheless, these critics are doing the work of God.

Please pray for those poor souls.


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